Use with older lenses

While SB is primarily designed for use with Canon EF lenses, where can ensure the transfer of information to the EXIF ​​and (sometimes) slow autofocus, this is just the beginning. Its great potential lies mainly in the possibility to use older lenses from different manufacturers.

Naturally this means a further reduction for Canon EF, but it usually does not affect the possibility of infinity focus. Those adapters are in fact just tuned for use with Canon cameras. Today, only a brief demonstration of, what it can do with an old lens originally used with Practika – Carl Zeiss Jena 35 mm F2.4 / silver ring between the lens and the SB is a reduction Praktica B -> Canon EF /. Both images are taken using a tripod, which did not move from the place and photos are taken with fully open aperture F2.4. In this case, WordPress oversharps photos a little, click to see more authentic version.

The first image is taken using the standard Canon EF adapter Sony NEX.


The second photo is Speed ​​Booster at work!


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