Canon FD 85mm 1.2 L

The jewel of the old lenses and perfect portrait tool is unquestionably Canon FD 85 mm F1.2 L. Its use on the standard SLR (when converted to EF) is little uneasy, because of the mirror bouncing into it. Original FD series before EF was closer to the film plane by about 2 mm. Workaround can be Live View or a mirror shave. Luckily, with the SB there is no problem, it's quite close though. Occasionally, in this post I will add more examples.

canon_FD_85mm_4 canon_FD_85mm_3 canon_FD_85mm_2 canon_FD_85mm_1


    • Hi Andrea,

      all my FD lenses are converted from FD to EF. There is an alternative chinese speedbooster which works directly with FD lenses, but I have doubts about it’s quality. Sorry for not mentioning – I updated the info in my post.


      • Hi,
        thx for your reply. What do you mean by converted from FD to EF?
        Anyway, I got the chinese lens t… two weeks ago, it has two problems:
        -the blue/green dot spot in the center when facing a light or the sun
        -it is not compatible with the 20mm f2.8, in the sense that you won’t be able to reach the infinity focus (the rear elements collide).
        I’m waiting for a metabones FD speed booster.

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